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832 Fourth Avenue (1913): Roper Home.  Clyde and Eglantine Roper were very active in the Havre business area.  He worked at the freight depot for the Great Northern, owned and operated Roper Transfer Company, and filed a homestead ten miles north of Havre.  She was an insurance agent, land attorney and owned the Northern Auto Garage; Clyde served as manager.  According to official court documents, they were reportedly active in bootlegging during Prohibition.  They turned to real estate speculation later in the 1920's and she became an agent for the U.S. Building and Loan Association, owned rental properties and both sold oil leases in Montana and real estate in California.  Life must have been very busy in this Bungalow style home, built for around $3000.


2020 Havre-Hill County Historic Preservation Commission
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